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Ducati Scrambler Tours
(call Steve for current availability) 

3741 Adventures is excited, in fact, they are beyond excited, to reveal to the motorcycling World a ‘new’ and exhilarating adventure… ‘Ducati Tours’.


And they are not just any old Ducati tour they are Ducati Scrambler Tours. Yep that’s right. We have 6 of the latest, greatest and most versatile Ducati’s on the market - Scrambler Desert Sleds. And trust me, they are out of this world.


They truly are. Because no-where in the world can you hire a Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled and be led through some of Australia’s wildest, windiest (that’s not windy as the wind blows but windy as the road twists, bends and curves!) and stunning scenery. In fact, it’s a true World 1st. How cool!


With a bag of mixed itineraries from tarmac to dirt, ½ day to full day (and soon to be released 3 & 5 day tours), the Scrambler Team at 3741 Adventures are sure to have an adventure to suit.


So grab your lid, don your gear and climb on board a Desert Sled and come for a SCRAMBLE!





Working on the motto, If it’s not fun for you, then it’s not fun for us! and, with a collection of itineraries ranging from a ‘quickie’ to an all day’er, 3741 Adventures is sure to have an adventure to suit.


We are a sneaky bunch here at 3741 Adventures. Below we’ve listed just a couple of our itineraries - we can’t list everything in case our dodgy competitors steal our ideas J. If these don’t tickle your fancy don’t despair, there are a ‘gazillion’ other tracks and trails to choose from so contact us to discuss your must haves, nice to sees and what-evers, and allow us to design a trip specifically for you.

Pricing $


½ Day: $350 per rider – approx. 3-4 hours ride time

Full Day: $750 per rider – approx. 6-7 hours ride time


3 & 5 Day ALL inclusive tours – watch this space…


Note: Whilst prices listed are generally for a minimum of two riders on a tour we at 3741 Adventures understand that not everyone is as popular as us. And some of you are, well, loners. You have no friends and not likely to ever have any. This may be because you’re not funny, unsightly or simply smell really really bad. Whatever your reason for being one-up we won’t judge, we are here to help. Once you post photos of you on top of a Ducati Desert Sled look out! You’ll have sooooo many followers, sooooo many ‘hanger-on-eras’ and sooooo many ‘new’ friends your world will never be the same again! So loners, don’t be afraid to ask us about our single rider pricing.


What to bring…


Let’s start with ‘what not to bring’… Pillions, a Poonce Personality and Pets. Oh, and no Bogans (we’ll chat more about that later).


Obviously, you’ll need some basic riding gear such as a helmet, gloves and a jacket. This is a minimum requirement. If you don’t have it you can hire it from us. We have an assortment of helmets, gloves and body armour for hire at a flat rate of $35 per set (or part thereof).


If it’s cold you’ll need to wear something warm. If it’s hot, wear something cool. If it’s wet – stay home (check out our inclement weather policy)!


Riding can be hard work. We recommend you bring a pack or wear a camelbak. depending on which bike you hire you may be able to strap a pack or some gear on to the pillion seat. That doesn’t mean you can bring the kitchen sink – I should’ve included that in the ‘what not to bring’ bit?


½ Day Tours - we’ll stop for photos along the way where you’ll have time for a drink or snack (supplied by you).


Full Day Tours – as well as photo stops we’ll also stop along the way for a coffee and a bite to eat (also supplied by you).


Inclement Weather Policy…


Riding is meant to be fun and when the sun is shining it is amazing. When the weather however is terrible so too is the riding. Whilst we don’t baulk at the mere sight of a single drop of rain (we’re not council workers J) we don’t enjoy riding in horrible, wet and windy conditions. If you book a tour and the on the day the weather isn’t great we’ll work with you to re-book for another time. If however this doesn’t work out we’ll give you a 100% refund.


This of course doesn’t mean you’ll get a refund for simply changing your mind. Your 3741 Adventures guide will make the ultimate call on whether the weather beats us!


The legal suff…


Let’s start with your licence. To ride one of the cool Ducati Desert Sleds you’ll need a full and unrestricted riders licence. And there’s no trying to slip through the cracks and tell us that you have a licence but your dog ate it or the kids flushed it down the toilet. We not only must see your licence but we must also take a copy of your licence.


Don’t stress as at the end of the day we delete the copy – trust me, I’m sooooo not interested in keeping a photo of your licence on my phone!


If you have a restricted licence or simply aren’t keen on the oomph of a Ducati we also have two LAMS approved Royal Enfield Himalayan’s. At 411cc and with a lower seat height these bikes are a great ride for a learner or the less experienced. But don’t think you won’t have fun on them. They are actually a really cool bike and quite the iconic ride.


Now for the indemnity and medical stuff. On our website you’ll find a ‘Participant Details, Medical Questionnaire and General Indemnity’ form/s. And for some additional reading pleasure we’ve added a Motorcycle Rental Contract. There’s no avoiding it, you must complete these forms. We recommend you read it on-line before rocking up for your tour as this will save you 15 minutes. When you arrive you’ll be asked to go old school and sign it. So to save time, we recommend you have a read prior to your tour. There’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s a run of the mill form that we must complete for each and every participant.


Bogan Policy…


Bogan’s belong in Bali and not on Scramblers!


Whilst we at 3741 Adventures want you to enjoy your ride and whilst we are happy to accommodate all personality types what we won’t tolerate is Bogan’ism. If you want to be a Bogan don’t book a tour with 3741 Adventures.


So what is a Bogan? We have pulled together a list of behaviours that constitute Bogan’ism. If you behave or act in a manner that is on the list you’ll be removed from the tour FULL STOP with NO EXCEPTIONS! And NO REFUND. Consider yourself forewarned!


So let’s start with the definition of a Bogan: ‘An uncouth or unsophisticated person regarded as being of low social status’. But wait, there’s more.. add to this definition a person who is ‘uncultured and boorish’, a ‘redneck’ if you will.


So here is a list of Bogan Biking Behaviours. Do any of these are you’re out!

  • Popping a mono, doing a broadside or riding the bike like you’ve stolen it!

  • Speeding excessively, accelerating sharply or braking heavily and unnecessarily 

  • Jumping, skidding or intentionally ‘drifting’ – there will occasions when ‘drifting’ is acceptable – follow the lead of your 3741 Adventures guide

  • Going ‘Bear Grylls’… that is getting off reservation aka not staying on the road or designated track!

  • Riding in a dangerous manner, a stupid manner or simply being a ‘wanker’!


All this is not to say that we at 3741 Adventures aren’t out for a bit of fun and not in for chasing thrills. We do however have a responsibility to ensure you and other road users are safe.


So how is your riding behaviour judged? If your 3741 Adventures guide does it then it’s ok. If they don’t, then it’s not! Simple.


One final word on Bogan’ism. If we offend you with our Bogan Policy… we don’t care. 3741 Adventures has invested a lot of time, money and effort in to creating amazing and safe experiences for people. We do our utmost to keep our Ducati’s safe, roadworthy and ‘fit for purpose’. All we ask in return is that you treat them, us and your fellow ‘Scramblers’ with respect.


You break it, you fix it policy…


We are in the adventure game and we understand that getting outdoors means you’ll not only get dirty but stuff happens and sometimes stuff breaks. This policy is very basic… If you break it, you fix it!


We’ll take a swipe of your Credit Card and hold a $1500 deposit. This is the excess we’ll have to pay should we go through our Insurance to fix it. Please know that we are not in the business of ripping people off. If you break a gear lever we charge you for the gear lever. If you break an indicator then we charge you for a replacement indicator. If you stack the bike and as a result it is un-useable for tours for any period of time, then we hold the $1500. Should it be fixed quickly and back on the road then we’ll refund you the $1500 less the repair. Pretty basic yeah? If all of this is because you were a Bogan… then we’ll not only keep the $1500 but you’ll be banned from ever participating in a 3741 Adventures adventure again!


What to expect… or rather, what not to expect…


This is a simple one. We are offer motorcycle tours, not tryouts for the ‘Crusty Demons’!


If you haven’t clued on to what it is we are about then you’re probably not suited to booking one of our rides. Simply put we are about keeping you safe, keeping you upright, keeping our bikes ‘in good nick’ and most of all giving you an experience. We take you in to the bush so you can not only experience the fun of a Scrambler but also so you can experience nature. No matter how good you think you are you simply cannot experience nature at Warp factor 8. “Life is not meant to be a blur”!


A final WARNING…


As a ‘Scrambler’ you’ll notice a few changes. In fact you will never be the same again. And the change is almost instant. You’ll find you are now more refined, more ‘hip’ and cooler than ever. You’ll be ordering Almond Milk latte’s, eating Quinoa Salads and drinking Kombucha. “You’ve changed”, they’ll say. “I don’t care”, will be your reply. And why should you.


You’ve ridden a Desert Sled. You are now a SCRAMBLER!

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